Berserkers and more

Soooo I haven’t updated my site for a long time, but that is not to say I haven’t been busy! Since my last update I have written a couple of scripts, re-written some by other people, edited some trailers and Line Produced a feature film called ‘The Berserkers’. Unfortunately I’m not permitted to share the details of any of these scripts as they are still in development, but I can tell you about ‘The Berserkers’ which is was written, directed and produced by Antony Smith and is currently in post production at Tornado Films.

Set in the Dark Ages, the story revolves around a group of young Saxons are captured by a clan of fearsome Viking warriors and used as prey in a ritualistic manhunt. With shades of ‘The Hunger Games’ meets ‘Game of Thrones’, it’s an all-action thriller filmed entirely in the striking Welsh countryside. I’ve been involved in the development of the project and then worked on the production primarily as Line Producer, although due to the bare-minimum crew I was also filling in as First Assistant Director and Production Coordinator when needed. I’ve just finished editing the market trailer for the film which we hope will help us obtain international distribution for the film.

For more information please take a look at the IMDB page HERE, or visit the Facebook page HERE where we post regular updates.

Another market trailer I’ve been working on recently is for horror/thriller “The Sleeping Room” which is currently in post-production at Movie Mogul. Written and Directed by John Shackleton, the story revolves around a young prostitute in present-day Brighton who uncovers a secret room in an old Victorian brothel. Her discovery and subsequent investigations lead her to awakening a malevolent spirit with a connection to her own dark secret.

I hope to be able to share these trailers and more on here soon, but in the meantime please go HERE and check out the trailer for “Brief Intermission” which I recently completed for Third Eye Productions.