Music Video and VFX

At the moment I’m working part time for Dogs of Annwn finishing up ‘The Lighthouse’ film, whilst doing some editing and directing jobs on the side. I recently directed and edited a music video for a band called Recluse for their upcoming album “The Quiet Hours”. You can view that and read more about it here. It was great to direct something again and I’m keen to do it more often, so if you’d like a music video for your band then please do get in touch! If you would like to order the album it is available here: 


I’ve also edited a three-part reality web series about three out-of-shape people who embark on a rigorous 12-week training regime. I’m not very sporty myself but found it very inspirational, so I look forward to sharing that when it’s online.


Other than that, most of my time recently has been spent helping to finish ‘The Lighthouse’. Due to the huge number of VFX shots, I ended up being drafted in to work on some of those and enjoyed getting stuck into some After Effects work again. I’ve also been dealing with the deliverables and talking to the guys at Bang Post Production, who are creating the incredible sound design for the film. It’s just begun being graded by director Chris Crow this week, so I’m very excited to see the finished article in the near future…